Aluminium sliding systems
Aluminium profile systems can be used to manufacture interior and entrance doors, as well as sliding and automatic sliding doors.
Aluminium sliding doors have a modern look.
guarantee excellent quality and functionality;
long service life, wear-resistant, durable;
protect from street noise and cold do not require special and expensive maintenance;
do not require special care and expensive care;
aluminium allows creating doors of various sizes;

In sliding systems, the sashes move along the guides and are space saving. The sashes move on rollers with the polymer coating that provides noiseless and smooth sliding. When closed, the doors are locked with a lock, which guarantees the safety and fixation of the door.

Automatic sliding doors open with a motion sensor. Such doors are perfect for shopping and office centers and shops where there is a large flow of people.

Design options
Thermally insulated lift and slide system

The ALT SL160 system is designed for lift and slide doors with one or more sliding sashes, as well as fixed parts and fixed sashes. The system provides vast opportunities for architects and designers for glazing of large aperture. Thermally insulated lift and slide doors have a high level of burglary resistance; let the light in the room and save useful spacee

A specially designed sealing system allows resisting adverse weather conditions, reliably protecting the room. In structures, thermal insulation characteristics, impermeability and moisture resistance are the best among analogues.

High degree of sound insulation
max. 40 dB
Thermal insulation characteristics
1,0 m2 ∙ К / W
Air permeability
Class 4
Water permeability
600-750 MPа
Security (anti-burglary)
The hardware is designed for a sash weight of
up to 330 kg
(With additional carriages)
(440 kg)