PVC sliding systems
Sliding system is a structure made of glass and profile, consisting of one or more parts, designed for glazing of large doorways, terraces, balconies, lofts, and rooms with a swimming pool and for creating a panoramic view.
guarantee excellent quality and functionality;
long service life, wear-resistant, durable;
protect from street noise and cold;
do not require special and expensive maintenance;
PVC allows creating doors of various sizes;
Where sliding systems are used?
Winter garden or loft
Room with a swimming pool
Innovative hardware at a glance

Guide roller at the top: 2 polymer-coated ball bearings for the drive rollers

Silent and very easy movement of large and heavy doors!

Swivel hinges at the corners: tightly placed bolted connection; installation in horizontal and vertical positions

Burglary prevention and optimal installation conditions!

Mobile carriages at the bottom: sash weight up to 130 kg; 6 ball bearings with polymer coating of drive rollers.

Comfort and safety in the maintenance of doors of different sizes!

System GU threshold: depending on the profile, it is universal for barrier-free use.

Designed for barrier-free construction in accordance with DIN 18040

Drehkipp UNI-JET main lock: it can be installed to each sash using standard components such as UNI-JET Concealed

Preventing burglary and reducing costs on bearing maintenance!